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Want the thrill of breaking and entering systems without the FBI breaking down your door?
Do you enjoy some friendly competition?

You came to the right place.

Being a blackhat is fun. From probing to full on breaking and entering, nothing beats the excitement of getting into a system.
The problem is, you never know what you've stumbled upon until its too late.
Here at Hacker Play, we seek to give you that excitement without consequences like unemployment, fines and jail time.

How it Works:

Each month we will provide 10 targets to our current membership base. This will include basic info and possible bounties (cash prizes).
Bounties will be awarded based on:
1. Different types of hacks will have different bounties (e.g. user shell vs root shell vs application compromised, etc)
2. Bounty sizes will be based on current membership base (more competitors == more $)
3. More information about the bounty structure and awards will be decided based on input from beta users.

Free Beta:

The Beta will start 2015-11-01. Email admin@hackerplay.com or /msg hackerplay_com on IRC freenode for more info.

Golden Rules of Hacker Play:

1. No DOS attacks (no blocking others from participating).
2. Leave hackerplay.com alone (we are shared hosting).
3. No probing or attacking from non-participants or unapproved IPs.
4. Use of professional pen tools is prohibitied (free tools only)
5. Have fun and be respectful.


We are keeping things small and exclusive at this time, but are always interested in new folks.
Email admin@hackerplay.com if your interested in becoming a member.
You can also find us on IRC freenode, /msg hackerplay_com.



All member information and activity is on IRC freenode, channel #hackerplay .
Message hackerplay_com or email admin@hackerplay.com to get started!